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    Formidable 2Some

    Sunil Aswal
    September19/ 2023
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    JaiRam Ramesh

    Soumitra Bose

    New delhi (The Hawk): JaiRam Ramesh, Kottan Katankot Venugopal, both "close" to Rahul Gandhi + Priyanka Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi. Robert Vadra as well, may be. Strong rumours have it as "assured yes". Why? Because, both are intelligent, astute diplomatlike shrewd, up to date knowledgeable, on par with latest happenings in the whole world including India, its states, UTs, brash + tough + rough + all-round-capable whenever, wherever, whatever needed, temperamental exactly when needed, et al --- just the kind needed now to 'effectively, astutely, correctly guard the Congress + the Gandis, Vadrar from all kinds of maleficent maledictions'. No wonder, both are being called as 'Formidable 2Some' by Congress, of Congress, for Congress. Shgnificantly, both are astutely observant, assessors, analysers, concluders --- say so all who attend their "knowledge-imparting" conferences --- and thus are "sure boon" for the Congress, Formidable 2Some That They Are...