Fatal Crash: Speeding Car Collides with Wall, Three Dead and Another Injured

    The Hawk
    November27/ 2023
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    Tragedy Strikes Near Crystal World: Fatal Collision Claims Three Lives, Leaving One Seriously Injured in Haridwar Accident

    Car Accident near Crystal World Bahadrabad

    Haridwar (The Hawk): In Haridwar, near the Shantershah police post in the Bahadrabad area, a horrific incident involving a high-speed car has resulted in 3 casualties. In the security wall built over the canal near Crystal World, a speeding car collided with force. The impact was so severe that three occupants of the car lost their lives on the spot, while another suffered serious injuries. According to reports, early Monday morning, four individuals from Ghaziabad were traveling towards Ghaziabad in a wagon car on the Haridwar-Delhi National Highway near Crystal World. Suddenly, the driver of the speeding car lost control due to a momentary lapse of sleep, crashing the vehicle into the security wall over the canal. The collision was so intense that Rajan, Ashish, and another resident of Bherampur, Ghaziabad, lost their lives instantly at the scene. Meanwhile, a young man sustained severe injuries. Upon reaching the scene, the police took possession of the three bodies, completed the necessary formalities, and sent them to the hospital mortuary for post-mortem. The seriously injured individual was admitted to the hospital for treatment.