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    Delhi Police Issues Notice to Arvind Kejriwal Regarding 'MLA Poaching Claims', Seeks Response in 3 Days

    The Hawk
    February3/ 2024
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    Delhi Police Notice to Arvind Kejriwal Sparks Political Storm: AAP's Allegations of MLA Poaching by BJP Unveil Operation Lotus 2.0. Atishi Claims Recorded Evidence of BJP's Attempt to Topple Elected Delhi Government.

    Crime Branch officials outside Arvind Kejriwal residence

    New Delhi: The Delhi Police Crime Branch has issued a notice to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in response to the Aam Aadmi Partys accusations against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of attempting to entice AAP MLAs. Sources indicate that Kejriwal is expected to provide a response within three days.

    Over the weekend a team of officials from the Delhi Police Crime Branch visited Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwals residence in Delhi to deliver the notice. This action was taken following claims made by the Aam Aadmi Party that the BJP is involved in a campaign known as "Operation Lotus 2.0" aimed at destabilizing the elected government in Delhi.

    On Friday police officials visited both Kejriwals residence. That of AAP minister Atishi to issue notices and request evidence regarding these allegations. However it appears that neither of these AAP leaders was present at their residences during these visits.

    Atishi, a leader within AAP has accused the BJP of employing unethical tactics with intentions to undermine the democratically elected government in Delhi. She claims that several AAP MLAs have been approached by BJP with offers of bribes and threats to sway their loyalty.

    "Operation Lotus 2.0" is how Atishi refers to this alleged strategy, by BJP.
    She alleges that the BJP is attempting to manipulate 21 AAP MLAs in order to overthrow the Delhi government enticing them with amounts of money in exchange for defection.

    In response to these allegations Atishi disclosed that the AAP possesses a recording of a conversation related to "Operation Lotus 2.0 " suggesting that it may be made public if deemed necessary.

    However the BJP has strongly denied any involvement in Operation Lotus 2.0. Kapil Mishra, a party leader dismissed Kejriwals statements as falsehoods. Emphasized the lack of specific details provided.

    "Arvind Kejriwal is lying again just like he has done on seven previous occasions. He has never been able to provide any information about alleged contacts, phone numbers used or meeting locations. His repeated avoidance of ED summons indicates his inability to answer their questions " commented BJP leader Kapil Mishra.

    It's worth mentioning that AAP achieved a victory in the Delhi Assembly elections by securing 62 out of 70 seats while the BJP only managed to win 8 seats. Other parties such as Congress were unable to secure any seats, in the elections.

    —Input from Agencies