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    Delhi CM orders suspension of teachers & vice principal in sodomy case

    Pankaj Sharma
    August29/ 2023
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    New Delhi: A day after sodomy cases with two school students were reported, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday ordered immediate suspension of the concerned teachers and vice principal who failed to report the incident to the police, even after one of the children had informed them about it.

    On the CM's direction, Education Minister Atishi has written to the Directorate of Education to ensure rigorous training of all the principals, and teachers on provisions of POCSO to avoid such incidents in future.

    "Chief Minister and I have seen the news reports of the sexual assault of the two boys of our schools by their classmates. This is a deeply disturbing act. It is especially worrying that the students had informed the teachers and the vice principal but they did not bring it to the notice of the police or any higher authorities. Not only is this immoral, but also against the law. As per the POCSO Act, non-reporting of sexual abuse - by any adult who is aware of the abuse is a criminal offence," read the letter written by Aitshi.

    Atishi has mentioned that the "incident should make us reflect and take corrective measures. We must do everything to ensure children are safe and secure at all times.

    "CM has directed that Directorate of Education should take the following measures: - While the criminal proceedings into the matter will continue, the concerned teachers and vice principal should be suspended immediately. Disciplinary action should be initiated against them for failing to report the matter to the police.

    "(2) Ensure rigorous training of all the principals, and the teachers on provisions of POCSO, mandatory reporting, tools for early identification of abuse, types of abuse, impact of abuse on children and remedial measures enabling capacity building of teachers to support such students.

    "(3) Prepare high quality material for reference of all teachers and principals and issue guidelines for schools to handle cases of abuse in a supportive environment for children," read her letter.

    Atishi assured that the Delhi government's "unwavering commitment to a safe and secure environment in the schools for the holistic development of the students".