Deadly Gunfight Amid Land Conflict: Older Rescuer Shot Dead, Two Arrested

    The Hawk
    November26/ 2023
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    Tragedy unfolds as a courageous elder intervenes in a land dispute, succumbing to gunfire. Two arrested, one at large in Dehradun incident.

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    Dehradun (The Hawk): In a bid to rescue a woman threatened by armed miscreants over a land dispute, an elderly man fell victim to their gunshots. The incident, occurring in a village of Dehradun district, left a youth injured. The police swiftly arrested two suspects late last night, while one remains at large. According to reports, three criminals arrived in a Haryana-plated car and threatened a woman named Chhuma Devi at her house regarding a land matter. They also fired shots. Nearby resident, Bagel Singh (65), rushed to intervene and shield the woman but was shot by the culprits. His son, Jotaram, attempted to disarm them and got injured in the process. Anil, another local, also tried to intervene, but he was shot and wounded. The injured were hospitalized. Police arrived at the scene upon receiving information. However, the three assailants, who arrived in the Haryana-plated car, fled and looted Anil Kumar's scooter near the incident site. Police have registered a case of murder against Rohit and three others, while Anil's report led to a case of robbery. The police have recovered the scooter and arrested two suspects from Ring Road in Dehradun, with one still at large. Allegedly, one party involved in the land dispute hired the assailants to threaten, leading to this unfortunate incident.