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    Chief Minister Siddaramaiah Visits Site of Bengaluru Cafe Blast

    The Hawk
    March2/ 2024
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    Siddaramaiah visits The Rameshwaram Cafe following a shocking explosion that injured ten, highlighting the ongoing investigation and the capture of crucial CCTV footage of the suspect.

    Siddaramaiah visits Bengaluru Cafe Blast

    Bengaluru: Karnataka's Chief Minister Siddaramaiah made a visit to The Rameshwaram Cafe located in the Whitefield district of Bengaluru. This incident occurred on Friday, prompting the Chief Minister's visit the following day to assess the situation and extend his support.

    Siddaramaiah, addressing the media earlier, disclosed that a comprehensive investigation was underway. He elaborated on the incident, describing how surveillance footage captured a suspect, donned in a cap and mask, who arrived by bus and entered the cafe. After purchasing a token at the counter, the individual was seen sitting in a corner of the cafe where he consumed coffee before leaving behind a bag rigged with a timed explosive device.