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    BJP's Minority Wing Initiates Outreach Drive to Engage Muslim Voters in Western UP

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    February4/ 2024
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    BJP's Minority Morcha Launches 'Quami Chaupal' Campaign to Foster Connections with Muslim Voters in Western UP. Kunwar Basit Ali, President of BJP Minority Morcha, leads engagement in 23 Lok Sabha constituencies, addressing concerns and discussing government initiatives.

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    Lucknow: To establish relationships with the minority community and gain support in Lok Sabha constituencies that have a significant Muslim population in western Uttar Pradesh, the BJPs minority faction is preparing for a new endeavor called "Quami Chaupal." This campaign will cover over 4,100 villages and address issues that're important to Muslim voters. Starting from February 10th in Kaserwa village located in Muzaffarnagar district the BJPs Minority Morcha plans to assign constituency coordinators for the "Qaumi Chaupal" program across 23 Lok Sabha constituencies in Western Uttar Pradesh.

    Kunwar Basit Ali, the president of BJP Minority Morchas Uttar Pradesh unit informed PTI that selected constituencies include Saharanpur, Muzaffarnagar, Kairana, Meerut, Baghpat, Bulandshahr, Bijnor, Amroha, Rampur, Bareilly, Agra and Aligarh. The leaders of this faction will engage with Muslim dominated villages to discuss government schemes and initiatives while addressing concerns specifically related to the minority community.

    The main objective of this initiative is to strengthen the BJPs bond with the population. The "Qaumi Chaupals" are planned to be held either at individuals homes or, at madrassas within these villages. Ali emphasized that their aim is to connect with Muslims who are seeking a party dedicated to their well being.
    By building this connection the Morcha hopes to gain support from this segment of the Muslim community in favor of the BJP.

    To facilitate the 'Qaumi Chaupals across all 23 Lok Sabha constituencies the Morcha plans to appoint representatives who will reside in their designated areas for a minimum of 10 days. These individuals will actively engage with villagers aiming to understand their concerns and challenges. While the ongoing 'Shukriya Modi Bhai Jaan' initiative by the Morcha primarily focuses on women 'Qaumi Chaupal' specifically targets predominantly male voters with the goal of strengthening their affiliation with the BJP.

    During the 2019 Lok Sabha elections the BJP achieved victory in 19 out of 26 seats in Western Uttar Pradesh while a coalition between the Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party secured seven seats. The BJP is strategically working towards securing all 80 Lok Sabha seats, in Uttar Pradesh during the elections.

    —Input from Agencies