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    Apt TwoSome

    The Hawk
    May1/ 2023

    Owaisi, Satya Pal Malik

    Soumitra Bose

    New Delhi (The Hawk): Apt TwoSome, Tailormade For Each Other + Synonymous To Each Other in terms of perspectives, best illustrated by theis followers amounting to multi multitudes, With A Slight Difference: Asaduddin Owaisi, Satya Pal Malik. Both are seen as inherent grousers, grumblers, always-complaining, nagging, crass, even, threatening, swearing at many a time with "sky-touching rainbow beyond wildest imaginations of all conceivable kind". They are grousing again: They have their own respective reasons to do so --- the most important of them being, unabashedly admitted by their confidantes, they have been kept out of the Central Council of Ministers though they are convinced together and individually that "we are the most competent, worthwhile entities to be the all-round (?) result-oriented ministers and yet deprived just because we're not slickers nor slackeners unlike others". Last known about them, Both are commiserating with each other, assuring each other to patiently wait till they come out with a 100% fool proof plan to get themselves "promoted", say insiders.