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    All Parties Now Zero In On Mysore Maharaja Chamaraja

    April20/ 2022
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    New Delhi (The Hawk): Now that Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja, current young, dashing Maharaja of Mysore is being propped up as the next Lok Sabha member from Mysore now that considerable time has passed since the demise of Maharaja of Mysore Sri Kanta Datta Narasimha Raja Wodyar, then Lok Sabha MP, all political parties in rthe state including the ruling BJP, the Congress, H D Deve Gowda/H D Kumaraswamy's Janata Dal, Karnataka Kranti Party, Karnataka Bikas Party, Kannadiga Janata Party and a few others are desperately efforting to woo convivial, gregarious Chamraja, cent % willing to jump into the ensuing electoral fray on behalf of which party, he would decide at the 11th hour after the vital consent from the Royal Kingdom's Royal Mata Pramoda Kumari and her aides. For record, he is profusely thanking them all with deeply folded hands for considering him as a suitable candidate for Mysuru, his royalty (whoever can forget the gorgeous, genuinely grandiloquent Dusshera of Mysuru every year).

    BJP's Karnataka Strong Man + Chief Minister YeddiYurappa abandoning his Lingayat hang over has become communityless, castefree, sectarianismfree to woo the Maharaja in the BJP fold in which if he succeeds, it will add a 21st century fether on his success-caps apart from his being CM out of blues. By the way, it is he who succeeded in wooing Chamaraja's late father then Mysuru Maharaja Wodeyar into the BJP and ensured his being Lok Sabha MP from his kingdom Mysuru. He died while being MP. After that, lots of waters flowed away in Mysuru and its famous river Cauvery with the Mysuru Royal Family remaining blank in vote politics and now it has a tailor made MP candidate for Mysore/Mysuru. Such rage for the current Maharaja of Mysore that both Lingayats, Vokkaligas (others do not matter in Karnataka) have abandoned their resepctuve Kannada and have acquired Mysuru Kannad, very similar to puritan Tamil, to freely converse with the Maharaja and his kith and kin to acquire their consent to The Maharaja contesting from the Mysore Lok Sabha seat next. In cidentally, the kannad language is Kannada proper falling into four groups: Coastal dialects. Mangalore Kannada, Halakki, Barkur, Havyaka, Kundagannada, Sirsi Kannada, Ankola Kannada, Komarpant, Malenadu Kannada.

    As for Mysore Parliament seat, its Mysuru civic incharge Mysuru Municipal Corporation is already jumping with joy seeing political hustle-bustle in the Mysore Royal Palace lending weight to strong rumours of the entire Mysuru MP-wise being reincarnated after many years of pin drop silence. Traditional drums are reverberating there every where.

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