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    Aiming To Make Uttarakhand Roads Pothole-Free, Dhami Launches Application To Register People's Complaints

    The Hawk
    May18/ 2023

    Uttarakhand Roads Pothole-Free, Dhami Launches Application

    Dehradun: Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami launched an application created aiming to make the roads free of potholes in the state, said an official statement on Thursday.

    The application named "Patch Reporting App" was developed by the Public Works Department.

    According to the statement, the application was made by the Public Works Department in an attempt to make the roads pothole free. It added that this application allowed any person with the Patch Reporting application could submit a detailed complaint by capturing pictures of potholes on the nearby roads.

    "Through this application, any person can register his complaint with complete information by taking photographs of potholes found on the roads around him. Information about the action taken on the complaint lodged through the app will also be made available to the complainant along with pictures," it said.

    CM Dhami also said that the "Patch Reporting App" would be beneficial in making the roads of the state pothole-free.

    Additionally, he gave the Public Works Department's employees the directive that the complaint about potholes on the road sent through the application was to be remedied within a week and that the authorities' accountability for doing so needed to be established.

    "CM Pushkar Singh Dhami instructed the officials of the Public Works Department that the complaint made by the complainant regarding potholes on the road through the app should be resolved within a week, for which the responsibility of the officials should also be fixed," said the statement.

    The Uttarakhand chief minister added that the high officials of the Public Works Department should also monitor the working of the application regularly.

    "Strict instructions were given by CM Dhami to the officers of the Public Works Department to make the roads of the state completely pothole-free," the statement said.

    The statement said that through the help of the "Patch Reporting App," the location and information about the data pit spot would be automatically presented by latitude and longitude.

    "On the basis of the information received from the app, the Public Works Department will take quick action and the details of the work along with pictures will be received by the concerned complainant and the higher officer," it said. —ANI