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    "Will not spare those who played with future of your children": PM Modi attacks TMC in Birbhum

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    May3/ 2024
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    Prime Minister Narendra Modi condemns the West Bengal teacher recruitment scam at Bolpur rally, vows justice. Accuses TMC of jeopardizing youth's future. Warns against CAA rumors, labels TMC undemocratic.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi

    Birbhum (West Bengal): Referring to the West Bengal teachers' recruitment scam, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday attacked Trinamool Congress and said that he would not "spare" those people who played with the future of your children adding that this is "Modi's guarantee."
    Addressing a public rally in Bolpur in West Bengal, PM Modi bowed before all the mothers and sisters who had come here today for the rally.

    "Today, I am seeing a different atmosphere here...I am here to seek your blessings. In 2014, you elected Modi not only to run the government or to show the power of the PM post. You elected me for the achievements of big targets," PM Modi said.
    Mentioning the West Bengal teacher recruitment scam, the Prime Minister said those who have caused distress among the youth must be punished.
    "TMC is jeopardizing the future of your children by orchestrating a scam in teacher recruitment. Over 25,000 teachers were dismissed by the court. Those who played with the future of your children should not be spared! West Bengal teacher recruitment scam reveals the true character of TMC leaders. I will not spare those who looted the people of Bengal, this is Modi's guarantee. I have requested the BJP Bengal to establish a legal cell and a social media platform to assist the youth who fell victim to this scam, those who became teachers based on their merit. I assure the youth of Bengal that those who have caused you distress will be punished," the PM said.

    PM Modi further asserted that TMC and Congress are only worried about their vote bank, therefore, they are spreading rumours regarding CAA which is meant to assist people who are left in the neighbouring country during partition.
    "TMC and Congress are not concerned about your future; they only care about their vote bank. They don't want us to provide justice to the communities that were left stranded after partition. They are spreading rumours about CAA, which is actually meant to aid the people, he added.
    PM Modi termed the TMC government "undemocratic" by controlling all the institutions in the state and said that one can only "speculate how many more Sandeshkalis are concealed in Bengal".
    "Over the decades, West Bengal has endured a politics of violence. TMC has provided refuge to non-state actors and permitted them to commit atrocities against the people. TMC exerts complete control over the treasury, hospitals, and law and order. We can only speculate how many more Sandeshkalis are concealed in Bengal. TMC is digging the grave of democracy!" he said.
    He further said that in their 10 years of governance, the INDIA bloc leaders did nothing but "scams and corruption."

    "In 2004, the people of the country gave a chance to the INDI alliance; but what did they do? The INDI alliance, in its 10 years of rule, did scams worth lakhs of crores. When the country had to expand its telecom network, they did 2G scams, when the country had to strengthen its forces, they did submarine and helicopter scams. When the country had to dominate the world of sports, they did a Commonwealth scam. TMC is also on the same path, they are doing scams in unthinkable ways... Ration scam, recruitment scam, coal scam, animal trafficking scam, and all scams were worth hundreds of crores," the PM said while recalling the scams done by the INDIA bloc leaders during their regime.
    "I want to ask you, can the INDI alliance, which works on the thought process of the past century, even think about the future? These people couldn't introduce a new education policy in three decades," PM Modi said.
    Prime Minister Modi further expressed gratitude to a young girl who brought him his sketch in the state.
    PM asked the volunteers to get the sketch from her and asked her to write down her address too so that he could write her a letter thanking her for the same.
    The West Bengal School Service Commission (SSC) teacher recruitment scam came into light after the arrest of Bengal BJP leader Partha Chatterjee, a Trinamool Congress leader who served as the education minister in Mamata Banerjee's cabinet until his arrest on 23 July, 2022.
    Polling for the remaining parliamentary seats will be held on May 7, May 13, May 20, May 25, and June 1. The results will be announced on June 4.
    In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the TMC won 34 seats in the state, while the BJP had to settle for just 2 seats.
    The CPI (M) won 2 seats, while the Congress bagged 4. However, the BJP came up with a much-improved showing in the 2019 polls, winning 18 seats against the TMC's 22. The Congress's tally dropped to just 2 seats, while the Left scored a blank.