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    After Rescue, Workers Share Light Moments At Chinyalisaur Community Health Centre

    Inam Ansari
    November29/ 2023
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     Chinyalisaur Community Health Centre

    Uttarkashi: A rescued worker at Chinyalisaur Community Health Centre on Wednesday shared a video of his fellow workers having some light moments after enduring 17 days of ordeal inside the Silkyara tunnel in Uttarakhand.
    In the video, a voice can be heard saying, while pointing to his fellow workers, "They are in good health and doing fine."
    As the video zooms out, workers can be seen cozying up to each other and speaking on their mobile phones with their relatives, while others are seen brushing their teeth in one corner and serving tea, as seen in the video.
    Acknowledging the state government's support during their ordeal, the worker is heard saying, "We are grateful to the state government for delivering essential food items inside the tunnel."
    Meanwhile, Dr. Bimlesh Joshi, Nodal Officer Health of Rescue operation said after screening and a health checkup at Chiniyalisaur Community Health Centre, 41 workers are healthy,
    "All 41 workers are currently healthy; their health screening has been done twice after the rescue, first inside the tunnel last night and second this morning. A team of 18 doctors at the Community Health Centre of Chinyalisaur has been monitoring his health since last night, out of which 10 are GDMOs and the remaining 8 are specialists, which include all types of specialists. Apart from this, there is a paramedical staff. There is a total staff of around 50, he said that since last night, all 41 labourers have been given a balanced diet, which includes paneer, boiled egg, kheer, roti, vegetables and rice" Dr. Bimlesh Joshi said.
    "Preparations are underway to send everyone to AIIMS Rishikesh; everyone will be sent by Chinook helicopter, and their family members can be sent by ambulance or any other vehicle. Although the workers do not need to be admitted to the hospital, they will be kept under safe-side observation," Bimlesh Joshi added.
    According to government sources, all the workers admitted to the health centre are being given food as per the doctors' advice.
    Prime Minister Narendra Modi also spoke to the rescued men over the phone. The Mammoth rescue operation was launched after a portion under-construction tunnel from Silkyara end caved in on November 12 trapping 41 workers. Of the 41 men, 15 are from Jharkhand, two are from Uttarakhand, five are from Bihar, three are from West Bengal, eight are from Uttar Pradesh, five are from Odisha, two are from Assam, and one is from Himachal Pradesh. —ANI