A bouncer in Bhopal threatened his coworkers with a knife before eventually apologizing to police

    The Hawk
    October8/ 2022

    Bhopal (The Hawk): A man who works as a bouncer at a beer bar here barged into a finance company's office on Friday and
    terrorised those present with a knife, claiming to have committed up to seven murders.

    The incident occurred close to the Habibganj railway station. About 30 people were held hostage for about an hour before police arrived and arrested the bouncer. 

    Subham Thakur, alias Badshah, has been identified as the suspect. According to the police, the owner of the finance firm had rented the building and was in the process of relocating his office. Thakur barged in wielding a knife while the entire firm was busy shifting. 

    "You don't know who I am; my name is Badshah Thakur. I've killed seven people. I will not allow anyone to leave this office "Thakur could be heard saying in a viral social media video. 

    Makrand Deoskar, Commissioner of Police, stated that "The owner of the company and the landlord had a rent disagreement. The landlord, who also owns a beer bar in the same neighbourhood, dispatched his bouncer to terrorise the office staff. The bouncer and his
    employer will face severe consequences." The incident caused no injuries.

    Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the Chief Minister, also took notice of the situation and directed the police to take strict action against the accused. 

    Later, another video surfaced showing the bouncer apologising at the police station. 

    "Sorry, I made a big mistake that I will not repeat in the future. Please forgive me, "Thakur was heard saying.  

    (Inputs from Agencies)