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    'India still paying for misdoings of Congress govt': PM Modi at Meerut

    The Hawk
    March31/ 2024
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    PM Modi Slams Congress, Vows to Eradicate Corruption and Propel Indian Economy Towards Global Superpower Status.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

    New Delhi [India]: Prime Minister Narendra Modi hit out at the grand old party, on Sunday, claiming that the country is 'still paying for the misdoings' of the previous Congress government.
    While addressing a mega rally at Uttar Pradesh's Meerut on Sunday, PM Modi said, "Today another anti-national act of Congress has come before the country. The island of Katchatheevu, which lies between India and Sri Lanka and is extremely important from the perspective of national security, was given away by Congress after independence."

    "When the country became independent, we had this island, but 4-5 decades ago, Congress cut off a part of India and separated it. India is still paying for the misdoings of the Congress government," he added.
    Katchatheevu is an island in Tamil Nadu, off the coast of India, between Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu.
    PM Modi also slammed the opposition coalition, INDIA bloc saying, "We started the fight against corruption. They formed the INDI bloc thinking Modi will feel intimidated. But India is my family, and I have nothing to fear."
    He further affirmed to take action against those who were indulged in corruption, adding that those who have 'looted the nation will have to return it'.

    "On one side, you have the NDA, committed to eradicating corruption. On the other, you have the INDI Alliance, focused on protecting corrupt leaders. No matter how many attacks you make on Modi, I won't stop fighting against corruption. No matter how big the corrupt person is, action will definitely be taken. The one who has looted the country will have to give it back. This is Modi's guarantee," he said.
    "Now those have been indulged in corruption are behind the bars. They don't get relief even in the Supreme Court," the Prime Minister added.
    The Prime Minister further asserted that the preparations for the government's third term have already started.
    PM Modi, "Our government has already started preparations for the third term. We are making a roadmap for the coming five years. Work is going on rapidly on what major decisions we have to take in the first 100 days."
    "In the last 10 years, you have seen only the trailer of development, now we have to take the country much further," he added.
    "The 2024 election is not just an election to form the government. The election of 2024 is for making a developed India. The 2024 mandate will make India the world's third largest economic superpower," the Prime Minister said.

    PM Modi highlighted the progress achieved by the nation in the past 10 years and said that 'India's time has come, India has started.'
    "Today, modern infrastructure is being built rapidly in India. India is making unprecedented investment in building infrastructure. New opportunities are being created for the youth. India's credibility is at new heights, the whole world is looking at India with awe," he said.
    He further said that many initiatives were undertaken by the government towards empowering the poor.
    "Modi reached here today after fighting the dark days of poverty and that is why Modi understands the sorrow, pain and suffering of every poor. So I made schemes to address every concern of the poor. We have not only empowered the poor, but we have also given them their self-respect," the Prime Minister said.
    Emphasising the 'Nari Shakti', PM Modi said, "We made our women entrepreneurs. They are running their own businesses. 10 crore women are now part of the Self-Help groups. This was Modi's dream and it is Modi's guarantee that 3 crore women will be made lakhpati didis and we are working towards it. This is modi's guarantee."
    The Prime Minister expressed his resolve to completely eradicate poverty as the nation moves towards becoming the third largest economy.
    "I want to remind you all that when India was the 11th largest economy in the world, the poverty rates in India were soaring. When India became the fifth largest economy, over 25 crore people successfully came out of poverty. I guarantee you, when we become the third largest economy, not only will poverty be eradicated, but a 'new middle class' will fuel India's growth," he said.
    The election for 543 Lok Sabha seats in the country will be held in seven phases starting April 19.