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    'Ghost' scares away girls from hostel in Jhansi

    The Hawk
    October7/ 2022

    Jhansi: The inmates of a hostel of Veerangna Jhalkari Bai Government Girls Polytechnic College in Uttar Pradesh‘s Jhansi had a spooky experience after which nearly 63 inmates left their rooms. 

    According to the girl inmates, they saw shadows, heard sounds of people running on the roof, experienced vigorous shaking of windows and fluctuating electricity, among others, on Wednesday evening. 

    The students submitted a complaint to the principal G.S. Yadav, and said that they would only return after consultation with their families.

    A hostel inmate said, “Some local boys might have entered the hostel premises to scare us. The hostel is secluded with zero security on the campus. The only Prantiya Rakshak Dal guard is stationed nearly 150 metre from the hostel. Moreover, there are no CCTV cameras.”

    The principal of the institution has said that an internal investigation has been launched into the incident.