'Bharat Gyan Samagam': Exploring New Avenues In Education

    Inam Ansari
    February11/ 2024
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    'Bharat Gyan Samagam'

    Roorkee (The Hawk): In a groundbreaking move, Core University Roorkee hosted "Bharat Gyan Samagam," a monumental gathering that witnessed an unprecedented discussion on education. More than 50 Vice Chancellors and Principals from over 500 schools across 22 states participated in this educational conclave.
    The distinguished guests included Uttarakhand Governor Lieutenant General Gurmeet Singh and Shiv Kheda. The focus of the event was a brainstorming session on redefining education, emphasizing multidisciplinary approaches, innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship as integral components of the new education policy.
    This marked the inaugural occasion of a private university organizing such a significant event. Noteworthy educators received Lifetime Achievement and Exemplary Awards, recognizing their outstanding contributions to the field of education.
    Dr. Gesu Thakur & Dr. Manish Kumar Mathur, the chief organizer, highlighted the conference's aim to foster idea exchange and formulate strategies for educational enhancement.
    The Education Summit commenced with an impressive opening ceremony, featuring insightful speeches by esteemed guests advocating for the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship in education. Panel discussions centered on innovation and entrepreneurship in higher education, with a focus on the pivotal role of universities in nurturing future job creators.
    Key industry leaders shared insights, discussing the future outlook for Indian universities and the essential skills required for upcoming careers. Deliberations extended to the impacts of technology in education, emphasizing the effective use of AI, virtual reality, and other innovations.
    Panel discussions explored skill development strategies, aligning university curricula with evolving workforce needs. The conference delved into the vision and inclusivity of the Indian education system, addressing gaps in education and advocating for equal opportunities. Transformative education for a sustainable future was a key topic of discussion.
    The industry session included sponsor presentations, discussing the role of education in propelling India towards 2047. Emphasis was placed on curriculum changes, research focus, and collaborative partnerships. Inclusive education strategies took center stage during panel discussions, addressing diverse learning needs in the classroom. The conference concluded with an awards ceremony, recognizing outstanding contributions, and a cultural evening featuring the Ganga Aarti.
    Chancellor Shri JC Jain of Core University remarked, "The aim of the conference was to share ideas and better prepare for education. Experts discussed various aspects of the new education plan, including the integration of different disciplines, innovation, technology, and business ventures. This marks the first time that a private university has organized such a program. Educators excelling in the field of education were honored with Lifetime Achievement and Recognizable Awards at the conference."