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    "These 10 year's work is just a trailer, I have a long way to go," PM Modi

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    March12/ 2024
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    Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates major railway projects, emphasizing a six-fold budget increase since 2014 and promising a revolutionary transformation in the next five years.

    PM Modi

    Ahmedabad (Gujarat): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday listed initiatives like a six-fold budget increase from 2014 and assured the countrymen that in the next five years, the transformation of railways will exceed their imagination.
    Addressing the event of inauguration and foundation stone laying of several Railway projects, PM Modi said that his government has displayed the willpower to bring the railways out of that hellish condition.

    "Now Railways development is among the top priorities of the government. These 10-year's work is just a trailer. I have a long way to go," PM Modi said.
    "For us, the development projects are not to form govt, but to form a Viksit Bharat. Our future generations should not face the struggles which were faced by us. In our 10 years, we have also created eastern and western dedicated freight corridors. This demand was delayed by Congress for decades... Freight corridors are working as a catalyst for the creation of industrial corridors" PM Modi added.

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    Noting Railways' critical role in a nation becoming developed and economically competent, the Prime Minister said, "Transformation of the railway is the guarantee of Viksit Bharat."
    "The network of Vande Bharat train has reached over 250 districts. The govt is consistently expanding the route of Vande Bharat trains... We are working towards 100% electrification of railways. We are also planning for railway stations to run on electricity generated by using solar power. We are establishing Jan Aushadhi Kendras in railway stations. These reforms will create an ecosystem for 'Made in India' in railways" the PM said.
    PM Modi threw light on the transforming landscape of railways and mentioned laying railway tracks at a fast pace, redevelopment of more than 1300 railway stations, flagging off next-generation trains like Vande Bharat, NaMo Bharat and Amrit Bharat, and unveiling of modernized railway engines and coach factories.
    "Post-independence, the governments prioritised political gains over social welfare which impacted the railway sector the most. 10 years ago, the capitals of 6 northeastern states lacked railway stations. Our govt has completely transformed the landscape of the railway sector. Prioritising the sector, we increased the average railway budget 6 times as compared to the budget before 2014" the PM said.
    The Prime Minister said that under the Gati Shakti Cargo Terminal Policy, construction of the Cargo terminal has increased as the land leasing policy has been simplified and has been made online leading to transparency. He also mentioned the establishment of Gati Shakti University.
    The Prime Minister continued with the modernization-related initiatives of the railway and informed about the project of abolishing unmanned crossing and automatic signalling systems. He said that the country is moving towards 100 per cent electrification. Solar-powered stations and Jan Aushadhi Kendras are coming up on stations.
    "The manufacturing of these railway trains, tracks and stations is creating an ecosystem of Made in India", the Prime Minister said.
    He informed that Made in India locomotives and coaches are being exported to countries like Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Senegal, Myanmar and Sudan. He said that demand for Made in India semi high-speed trains would lead to the emergence of many more such factories.
    "Rejuvenation of railway, new investments guarantees new employment opportunities", the Prime Minister remarked.
    "Throughout the country, different projects are being inaugurated and new initiatives are being taken. In just 2.5 months of 2024, we have inaugurated and laid the foundation of projects worth Rs 11 lakh crore. We have taken a big step towards our dream of Viksit Bharat today. Railway projects worth over Rs. 85,000 crore have been dedicated to the nation" the PM added.
    Earlier, the Prime Minister dedicated to the nation and laid the foundation stone of various developmental projects worth over Rs 1,06,000 crores at Dedicated Freight Corridor's Operation Control Centre in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
    The development projects of today encompass multiple sectors including railway infrastructure, connectivity and petrochemicals. He also flagged off 10 new Vande Bharat trains.