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    Elon Musk announces Tesla to unveil robotaxi on August 8

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk
    The Hawk
    April6/ 2024

    Texas [US]: Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced that Tesla will unveil a 'robotaxi' on August 8. He made the announcement in a post on social media platform X. In a post on X, Musk stated, "Tesla Robotaxi unveil on 8/8." In the past, Musk has expressed liking for self-driving vehicles, stressing that they will be one of Tesla's most important products. In the past, Elon Musk said that Tesla will make a car that did not have human controls. He had also said that Tesla cars, which will have full self-driving capability will through software, gradually become better and better at driving, CNN reported. He said that the cars, at some point, will have the capability of operating as fully autonomous taxis and could earn money for their owners by giving taxi rides on their own. So far, Tesla has passed several of Musk's predictions for when actual self-driving would be possible. In April 2019, Tesla said it expected to start operating robotaxis by 2020. The company predicted that the autonomous car would last 11 years and drive 1 million miles, which would make the company and the car operators earn a profit of USD 30,000 each year. However, Elon Musk has admitted that his track for predictions can be off sometimes by a mile. In an event in April 2019, he said, "The only criticism and it's a fair one, sometimes I'm not on time. But I get it done and the Tesla team gets it done," according to CNN report. Presently, people can buy full self-driving capability with a new Tesla Model 3 for an additional USD 12,000 added to the car's roughly USD 40,000 purchase price. The full self-driving capability can be bought on a subscription basis for up to USD 199 a month, based on how the car was originally equipped. In small gray type, Tesla's on-line de ...

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