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    Delhi Golf Club gets chance to record new bylaws after Khasi tribe woman petitions HC

    Pankaj Sharma
    December12/ 2022

    New Delhi (The Hawk): On a petition filed by a member of the Khasi tribe contesting the Club's decision to ask her to leave the club because of her apparel, the Delhi High Court on Monday gave Delhi Golf Club time to record the most recent modified bylaws. On December 5, the woman received an apology, according to the club's legal representative. Senior Advocate Vrinda Grover, the woman's attorney, responded by arguing that the document they had submitted stated that they had not shown regret. The club's attorney had stated that he had been working on the case and would be seeking guidance because maintainability was also a problem. On the other hand, the Club's attorney said on Monday that one apology had already been extended. Adv. Grover said that it wasn't an apology and that they were blaming an employee even though they had placed it in their bylaws and the employee had obeyed them. According to the Club's legal counsel, the bylaws were modified in 2017. The subject will be heard again in court on December 20. (Inputs from ...

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