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    Visually impaired children make 1.25 km long card for PM Modi

    Pankaj Sharma
    September17/ 2023
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    Lucknow: To mark the birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday on Sunday, visually impaired children here have prepared a 1.25 km long congratulatory letter which will also find a place in a world record.Around 400 visually impaired children of the National Association for the Blind put in two months of hard work and celebrated the nine years of praiseworthy work done by the Prime Minister in a congratulatory letter.

    Rajesh Singh Dayal, president, National Association for the Blind, said that it was the love and affection of the children towards the prime minister that on the auspicious day of his birthday, the visually impaired children made the 1.25 km long congratulatory letter to extend best wishes to him.