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    Uttar Pradesh: Moradabad woman loses nearly Rs 18 lakh cash after termites infest bank locker

    Pankaj Sharma
    September29/ 2023
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    termites infest bank locker

    Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh): A woman in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh who had kept nearly Rs 18 lakh in cash inside a bank locker found to her shock that termites had eaten the currency notes.
    The incident was reported from the Ashiana branch of the Bank of Baroda in the city's Civil Lines police station area.

    The incident came to light after the woman recently visited the bank and discovered the termite- infested currency notes inside her locker. The woman immediately reported the incident to the bank manager who has initiated an investigation into the incident.

    "I got information that cash kept in the bank locker was eaten away by termites. The concerned bank is carrying out an investigation into the reason behind the incident," Vishal Dixit, Lead District Manager of the Bank of Baroda told ANI on Friday.
    As per rules, customers are not permitted to keep money in their lockers.
    An inquiry has been initiated by the bank.
    Dixit said that bankers have been instructed to investigate the matter. "Something can be said only after investigation. The inspection of the matter is going on," he said.
    The woman has also sought compensation from the bank.