UP Engineer Loots Money, Loses In Gaming, Lands In Jail

    Inam Ansari
    July13/ 2023
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    Loses In Gaming, Lands In Jail

    Lucknow: An engineer who masterminded a loot of Rs 3. 5 lakh at a power substation in Indiranagar, has not only lost around Rs 1. 3 lakh of the looted money in online gambling but also fell into police net.
    The mastermind, Asif Khan and his aide Indrajeet Ojha had executed the loot at the Jan Suvidha Kendra on July 7. Police also seized weapons, a two-wheeler and Rs 2. 17 lakhs in cash from their possession.
    ACP, Ghazipur (Indiranagar) DK Singh, said Asif Khan had done B.Tech in electrical engineering.
    According to DCP North Qasim Abdi, Asif was a resident of Tulsipur Jarwal Road in Balrampur district. “He was staying with Indrajeet in Indiranagar. The duo planned the robbery 15 days ago,” the DCP said.
    Asif had been tipped off that huge cash was collected every day at the Jan Suvidha Kendra. He found that the cashier, Rajesh Chaurasia, kept the door of the cash almirah open.
    They also noticed that not many customers visited the Jan Suvidha Kendra in the afternoon and decided to strike at that time.
    Both of them reached the centre wearing helmets and looted cash while holding the cashier at gunpoint.
    They later divided the cash into two parts. In his greed for more money, Asif put around Rs 1. 3 lakhs in an online gambling app which promised huge returns. However, he lost all his money.
    Police said that Asif was an engineering graduate but could not get a job. His name surfaced in a case of robbery in 2014. He and his aide were arrested on Wednesday. —IANS

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