The habit of creating their own channel on YouTube among students and youth is alarming

    Nitish Kumar
    May11/ 2023
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    The youth of the 21st century wants to earn money easily. For this he finds different ways. But today's new generation is considering YouTube not only as a means of entertainment but as a means of earning. This is the reason why YouTube is becoming so popular among the youth. Nowadays, the trend of making money and becoming famous by creating your own YouTube channel is so much that after 12th or graduation, many youngsters join YouTube without even thinking about further studies.Start creating your own channel. Children of small classes understand Sometimes students of sixth, seventh and eighth standard are also heard talking about creating their own channel on YouTube. When you start your channel, you feel great. You think you will make a video and the whole world will watch, like and comment on it. In this happiness, first you tell your family members, relatives, friends etc. about your channel and ask them to subscribe. 

    Go to Facebook By sharing with people through Instagram and other social media, you can get 100 – 200 views on your channel within 2-3 days. When you see so many views on the channel, you think that now So I got out, now no one can stop me. Then when a few days pass, and you don't see any activity on your channel, subscribers and subscribers don't increase, then you feel bad. When you upload a video, it doesn't get more than 50 or 60 views. When a relative Or when a friend asks you about a YouTube channel, it seems like adding salt to the fire. It is disappointing In such a situation, you can't say anything to them and silently walk away disappointed. Many young people get frustrated and take wrong steps in life. Today's youth is only thinking about earning name and money without thinking about making his life meaningful. According to a survey, there are very few people who have made 1000 or more subscribers on YouTube. The rest of the people who have money They want to earn fame, they waste many important years of their life and come back to square one. Find the way to success by thinking with an open mind Today's youth should understand that not everyone can be successful on YouTube. Today's youth should consider YouTube as a means of entertainment and a means of learning something new. There are many things on YouTube that are very useful. Youths are urged to make their own channel on YouTube, which is addictive and bad. Get rid of the habit Put, because its excessive use sometimes takes you into such a dark world from which it is very difficult to mentally come back.