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    The body has its own language

    The Hawk
    January30/ 2024
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    Unlocking the Power of Silence: Embracing the Art, Exploring Life's Purpose, and Finding Salvation through Meditation

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    Lack of words is silence, but the body has its own language, which reflects emotions. Emotions are best expressed only when words are not coming out of the mouth. It is silence that gives birth to the best creation. Deep sadness, sorrow, guilt, ego, anger all come to us from outside and mostly through the use of words, but love, compassion, joy lies in our silence. The deeper the silence, the more clear, peaceful, joyful life will be. will be. Just like speaking is an art Remaining silent is also an art. Human life must remain artistic. Where art is left, disorderliness and indiscipline enter in, which works as a deformity for the society and the country. These distortions together increase the number of jails, hospitals, police stations, courts and increasing their number is a sign of degradation in any civilized society. In this era of lack of time, haste and haste, common people do not know the true purpose of life and in such a situation, our culture leads us to believe that the main purpose of life is happiness., love, compassion. That's why every few days some festival happens at our doorstep which tells us that there is a short pause in life, which makes us aware of our inner personality. Sahaj Samadhi has been mentioned in the scriptures. Some mantras, which were created just for silence and help us access our consciousness, are suitable for spontaneous samadhi. In the state of Samadhi everything becomes conscious. Where there is deep silence and consciousness in its highest state, only then there is an encounter with nature, Guru and Hari. World The purpose of all the words in this is so that we can understand ourselves better. When going through a lot of noise, the mind automatically seeks silence, peace. Silence is therefore linked to salvation. Moksha simply means liberation. Freedom from what? Freedom from whatever is or is happening. Be it life, any work, running around, noise, the ultimate salvation is silence, hence it is the path to salvation. Meditation also because there is silence there and why silence... I tried speaking a lot but did not get what I wanted. I meditated a little and became silent.I felt that the path was clear and the destination was also here. Whenever we get irritated or shout in anger and then calm down, someone from within spontaneously asks, why did you get so angry? Only silence gives meaning to life. Archimedes was also bored with his research and when he sat down quietly, the invention was made. Newton found the theory of gravity while sitting quietly under an apple tree. Many sages used to do penance in quiet places to acquire knowledge from various scriptures and used to live in silence, only then practical knowledge automatically came to them.Came to mind. The development or beginning of creation has happened from silence only. A human being is also born in silence and ultimately merges into silence. Silence comes in the Shri category of divinity while verbosity or noise represents demonism. The answers to many questions are also silent, but when the answers start giving words. Then a huge web of logic, contradiction and fallacy is created, from which it is impossible to get out. Silence often echoes for centuries, whereas words, being dependent on hearing and reading, are short-lived. Words hurt.Whereas silence is detached, non-violent and virtuous. While words reflect the world, silence requires the practice of renunciation, whereas silence is easy. He does not need any support. It is said that when Buddha attained enlightenment, he remained silent for a whole week. He didn't even say a word. Legend says that this frightened all the angels in heaven. He knew that only once in a millennium does someone blossom like Buddha and now he was silent! Then the angels requested him to say somethingDid. Buddha said, 'Those who know, they know even without my saying and those who do not know, they will not know even if I say. There is no point in talking to those who have not tasted the nectar of life and hence I remain silent. How can one even express such an intimate and personal experience? Words cannot express it and as many scriptures have revealed in the past, words end where truth begins.'

    —Vijay Garg Retired Principal Educational Columnist Malout