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    Siddaramaiah, Bhupinder Hooda back 'Dilli Chalo' protest march

    April20/ 2022
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    Bengaluru: Karnataka leader of the opposition Siddaramaiah and former Chief Minister of Haryana Bhupinder S Hooda on Friday came out in support of the ongoing protest march near the Delhi border areas against the farm laws.

    This comes as farmers' groups, including women, continued their march towards Delhi while protesting and raising slogans.

    "Farmers are being stopped from entering the Capital!! What if farmers also decide to block their produce from entering Delhi? Will BJP leaders in Delhi starve?" Siddaramaiah tweeted.

    The Congress leader also questioned the Centre's "adamance" over the farm laws. "When the whole farming community is against the new farm laws, why is the govt so adamant about taking it forward? Are corporate interests more important than farmers' lives?"

    He further asked, "What if farmers also decide to block their produce from entering Delhi?"

    Meanwhile, Bhupinder Hooda appealed to the people of Haryana to provide shelter and food to the farmers who are protesting peacefully.

    "I appeal to the people of Haryana that every effort should be made to provide shelter, food and drink, treatment and medical help, to the farmers who are protesting peacefully...We are with the farmers. The government must come forward to negotiate with the farmers, and find solutions soon," Hooda tweeted in Hindi.

    Meanwhile, scores of farmers at the Tikri border near the Delhi-Bahadurgarh highway and the Singhu border were seen agitating amid heavy security deployment.

    While the government said the three laws will do away with middlemen, enabling farmers to sell their produce in the commercial markets, protestors fear that this could lead to the government not buying produce at guaranteed prices, thereby disrupting their timely payments.


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