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    Sandeshkhali 'atrocities': Shajahan Sheikh will be arrested in 7 days, assures TMC after HC clarification

    The Hawk
    February26/ 2024
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    The move signals a strong legal stance against corruption and crime in West Bengal, amidst political and social unrest.

    TMC leaders Sujit Bose and Partha Bhowmick

    Kolkata: Senior TMC leader Kunal Ghosh stated on Monday that party strongman Shajahan Sheikh, who has been accused of sexual atrocities and land grabbing in West Bengal's Sandeshkhali, will be arrested within seven days.

    The TMC leader's assertion comes immediately after the Calcutta High Court clarified that there is no stay on the arrest of Shajahan.

    "About the arrest of Sheikh Shajahan, Abhishek Banerjee is correct. The matter was stuck in the legal tangle of the court. The opposition was doing politics using this opportunity. Thanks to the High Court today for clarifying the matter and allowing the police to take action. Shajahan will be arrested within seven days," Ghosh posted on X.

    TMC national general secretary Abhishek Banerjee claimed on Sunday that Shajahan could not be arrested due to legal complications and stays on FIRs filed by the police.

    The court directed that Shajahan, the Enforcement Directorate, the Central Bureau of Investigation, and the state home secretary be included as parties in the suo motu matter initiated regarding the allegations of sexual atrocities against women and the land grab of tribal people.

    The riverine Sandeshkhali area -- situated on the borders of the Sundarbans, about 100 kilometres from Kolkata -- has been on the boil for more than a month with protests against Shajahan, who is absconding, and his supporters.

    The unrest in the area arises from accusations against Shajahan and his supporters of land grabbing and sexual assault, with the local TMC strongman evading authorities since a mob affiliated with him allegedly attacked Enforcement Directorate officials on January 5.