On Bengal highway, Jharkhand actress shot dead

    Pankaj Sharma
    December28/ 2022
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    Kolkata (The Hawk): On a West Bengal highway on Wednesday, Riya Kumari—reportedly an actress from Jharkhand—was fatally shot at close range.

    The event happened at roughly 6 a.m. while they were travelling from Ranchi to Kolkata, according to her husband Prakash Kumar, who identified himself as a film producer from Jharkhand.

    The couple's three-year-old daughter was travelling with them, and Prakash Kumar was operating the vehicle.

    He stopped the car at the Mahishrekha bridge in Bagnan, Uluberia Subdivision, Howrah District, according to his testimony to the police, to heed to nature's call.

    Then three thugs with guns came up to them and demanded money and other items.

    Riya was shot at point-blank range by one of the thugs when the pair attempted to resist, and she immediately collapsed while heavily bleeding.

    According to Prakash Kumar, the criminals left the area right away. He then drove to a nearby neighbourhood and told the residents about the occurrence.

    After receiving word from the local, the police arrived on the scene and hurriedly transported Riya to the hospital in the Uluberia neighbourhood.

    But at that time, she had passed away.

    Prakash Kumar is being questioned by the police as part of their ongoing investigation.

    (Inputs from Agencies)