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    Odisha prepares an annual work plan of Rs 85.85 billion for anti-Maoist operations.

    The Hawk
    October8/ 2022

    Bhubaneswar (The Hawk): An official said here on Friday that the Odisha government has released an annual work plan(AWP) worth Rs 85.85 crore to continue anti-Maoist operations this fiscal year. 

    The annual plan has been approved by the state-level committee headed by Chief Secretary S.C. Mahapatra. 

    Compared to the expenditure of Rs. 50.56 crore for 2021–2022 by the state government, the outlay for 2022–2023 has increased by more than 50%. 

    According to the official, the central and state governments would split the funds for AWP 2022–23 60:40 each. 

    Purchase ofcontemporary ammunition, adequate logistic support for the armed forces, training for the state police force, community policing, additional fortification of the police posts, and rehabilitation of LWE cadres are the main activities covered by AWP-2022-23. 

    Additionally, ex-gratia grants and property damage grants will be provided to the impacted civilians and security personnel in accordance with the established guidelines. 

    The amount of ex-gratia grant for the civilians and security personnel on duty has increased from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh and from Rs 20 lakh to Rs 40 lakh, respectively, due to an increase in budgetary provisions. 

    The police have been requested by the chief secretary to give the armed forces participating in anti-Maoist operations sufficient logistical support. 

    Additionally, he requested that community mobilisation and confidence-building efforts be stepped up in the areas thought to be infected by the left wing. 

    Mahapatra gave the police department instructions to maintain contact with the populace and the community, learn about their worries, and boost their sense of confidence. 

    He also advocated for better community child education programmes and alternative livelihood initiatives. The confidence and involvement of the populace would be very helpful in locating LWE activities in the suspected hot spots, he said. 

    The official stated that with increasing developmental interventions, left-wing extremism (LWE) activities were being kept in check throughout the state, including in the Swabhiman Anchal (previously known as the cut-off area) in the Malkangiri district, which was once thought to be the epicentre of extremist activity.

    Officials said that actions were being taken to counter them as and where their ugly hands appeared, based on well-planned intelligence.

    (Inputs from Agencies)