Miss Universe Indonesia Finalists Claim Of Being Subjected To Topless ‘Body Checks’

    Inam Ansari
    August10/ 2023
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    Miss Universe Indonesia Finalists

    Jakarta: Six finalists in 2023’s Miss Universe Indonesia beauty pageant have lodged police complaints accusing the organizers of making them strip for “body checks” and topless photographs, CNN reported.
    An attorney representing the women, Mellisa Anggraini, while addressing reporters outside regional police headquarters in the capital Jakarta on Tuesday, alleged that her clients had been asked to remove their tops so pageant officials could “examine scars, cellulite or tattoos”.
    One contestant, identified only by the initial “N”, had expressed shock because “body checks” were not listed in the event’s schedule. The unidentified woman said she agreed and was photographed topless, as were four other women. “It was enough to humiliate and degrade her,” the lawyer said in comments aired by CNN affiliate CNN Indonesia. Another unidentified contestant whose face was blurred by local broadcasters, said at a press conference that she had been asked to pose inappropriately, including by opening her legs.
    The complainants say the photographs were taken with male officials present in the room. Additional evidence such as documents and videos were submitted along with the police report, the attorney, Anggraini said. The alleged incidents took place on August 1, two days before the grand final in Jakarta, she added, as per CNN. Police spokesperson Yuliansyah told reporters that formal complaints were filed on Monday and investigations were ongoing. “The complaints will be used as the basis for our investigation,” she said. The Miss Universe pageant takes place every year in a different host country and sees dozens of national pageant winners competing for the global title. The live event attracts a global audience of millions. Miss Universe organizers in a statement shared with CNN said they were aware of the allegations made against the Miss Universe Indonesia 2023 pageant, which is operated by a local franchisee, as per CNN. —ANI