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    Kashi Ghats Cleaned Overnight After Dev Diwali Celebration

    Inam Ansari
    November28/ 2023
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    Dev Diwali Celebration

    Varanasi: After the spectacular celebration of Dev Diwali in Varanasi, illuminating the city's ghats with 12 lakh earthen lamps; the city's administration has demonstrated efficiency in cleaning these lamps overnight, ensuring that the ghats remain pristine and welcoming for devotees.
    Despite the sheer volume of lamps lit during the festivities, the ghats were impeccably clean the following morning, allowing devotees to continue their traditional puja rituals without any disruptions.
    This dedication to maintaining cleanliness reflects the city's deep respect for its spiritual heritage and the importance of Dev Diwali to its people.
    Manju Sha, a resident of Lucknow, expressed her admiration for the city's cleanliness, stating, "We witnessed the grandeur of Dev Diwali with our family, and it was truly mesmerizing to see the ghats illuminated by 12 lakh earthen lamps. The administration's efforts in cleaning these lamps overnight are commendable, ensuring that the city remains pristine and inviting for devotees."
    "Last night we came here to witness dev Diwali, around 12 lakh diyas were lightened, but when we came here this morning, the ghats were clean," said a devotee at Varanasi's Ghat.
    Meanwhile, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath inaugurated the celebrations by lighting the first lamp on Dev Diwali.
    The event, attended by citizens and dignitaries, including ambassadors and envoys from 70 countries, 150 delegates and their families, showcased the splendour of Kashi on the festival.
    Dev Diwali in Kashi saw the government contributing 12 lakh lamps, including one lakh made from cow dung, while voluntary organisations and people also collectively added more lamps transforming Kashi into a resplendent sea of light.
    It marked the first occasion where a multitude of diplomats from various nations experienced a sense of pride witnessing an extraordinary and unforgettable moment. With the Yogi government giving the status of 'state fair' to Dev Diwali this year, the aura of the festival is spreading all over the world. —ANI