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    CM Dhami Presents Appointment Letters To 892 Forest Constables, 104 Assistant Accountants

    Inam Ansari
    February20/ 2024
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    CM Dhami Presents Appointment Letters

    Dehradun: Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami on Monday presented appointment letters to 892 forest constables and 104 assistant accountants selected through the Public Service Commission in the appointment letter distribution ceremony organized by the Forest Department at the Himalayan Cultural Centre, Garhikant.
    Forest Minister Subodh Uniyal was also present on this occasion.
    Of the 104 assistant accountants appointed, 59 are from Forest and 45 from Technical Education Department. Under the Forest Department, appointments have been made on various 4406 Group C posts from April 2017 till now, which includes 2528 appointments from July 2021 till now.
    While congratulating all the newly appointed personnel, the Chief Minister said that now they are going to be a part of Uttarakhand government and administration, he expected that all of them will do their work efficiently with true dedication and hard work.
    CM Dhami said, "It is our endeavor to immediately provide opportunities to the promising youth of the state on vacant posts under the departments. This campaign is going on continuously and at a fast pace."
    He said that the youth of the Forest Department who have received appointment letters have the very important responsibility of protecting the forest areas of the state.
    "Whereas the youth associated with technical education also face challenges in equipping the Uttarakhand government administration with advanced technology. Our effort to provide more and more employment opportunities to the youth of the state is gradually coming to fruition," he said.
    He expressed hope that in future more and more youth will get more employment opportunities in the state itself.
    He said that by removing the complaints of rigging in the recruitment processes in the previous governments, the state government has made comprehensive changes in the recruitment processes.
    "In earlier governments, it used to take a very long time from the issue of job advertisement to the issuance of appointment letter. Taking advantage of this delay, the bribery game was rampant. But our government has now made the recruitment process completely transparent and the recruitment process is being completed within a stipulated time limit. The result is so pleasant that now every youth is getting equal opportunities," he further said.
    The Chief Minister told the youth who received the appointment letters that all of them were fortunate that God had given them the opportunity to serve in a state in which there are immense possibilities for progress for them and the state. "Today, the transparency and speed that you are seeing in the recruitment process is visible in every work of the government. Recruitment and promotion in a transparent manner instill confidence in the youth. This transparency motivates the youth to enter the competition in a better way, our government is continuously working in this direction," he said.
    He said that to remove the stigma imposed on the recruitment processes by the previous governments, the state government has implemented the country's most stringent "anti-copying law" in the state. "There is no difference between our words and actions. The provisions of anti-copying law have been made so stringent that now no copying mafia will be able to play with the future of the youth. Under this law, a provision has been made for life imprisonment for the culprits," he said.
    The Chief Minister assured everyone that the government is fully committed to every section of the state and will continue to do so and expected everyone to support in achieving 'optionless resolve' to make Uttarakhand the best state.
    The Chief Minister said, "Out of thousands of youth of the state, you have been given this opportunity for special work. You have to set standards in your field of work. We will have to aim to be disciplined and discharge our responsibilities with honesty and will have to engage in new technology. This will also inspire you in your work."
    The Chief Minister said that to make access to public services of the state easier, the Apni Sarkar portal has been prepared with the 1905 app. From time to time he himself examines the process of redressal of public complaints.
    He called upon the youth that they too will have to take a pledge to solve public problems and have zero pendency.
    He said that in order to provide better employment and self-employment opportunities to the youth of the state, investments worth Rs 3.50 lakh crore have been received in the recently organized Global Investment Conference. Investors from more than 50 countries are also involved in this. This will promote industries in the state and will provide more employment opportunities to the youth. The Chief Minister said that Uttarakhand is a state with immense possibilities. "The Prime Minister has also described the third decade of the 21st century as the decade of Uttarakhand. Today people from all over the country and the world are excited to come here," he said.
    He said that the interest of Uttarakhand is paramount, which the state government was taking forward with a determination without any option. "We had promised the people of Uttarakhand to implement Uniform Civil Code in the state, which has been fulfilled. In this, the interests of all the citizens living in the state have been kept in mind," he added. —ANI