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    7 habits men should trash before turning 30

    Sunil Aswal
    May17/ 2022

    New Delhi: Turning 30 marks the entry to a new milestone in life wherein not only is a lot demanded, but the body too reacts to every little change in routine. To avoid slumping through the thirties and to keep it rocking, here are some habits that should be changed: Breakfast is your best friend Skipping breakfast because you are super busy is the most unhealthy practise. As per Dr Steven Masley, the author of 'The 30-Day Heart Tune-Up', if you skip breakfast, prolonged fasting can slow your metabolism and immune function, leading to weight gain and more frequent infections. Cut down on fatty food At 30, a fatty burger will mean more than a "spare tire"! Before you step into your 30th birthday, it is best that you alter your poor dietary habits. Introduce more roughage to your diet, eat fruits and vegetables, and give preference to home-cooked healthy meals. Of course, cutting out on fast food entirely is not needed, but making a conscious choice of better food options is a must. Drinking like there's no tomorrow? Stop! Chugging beer and downing rounds of tequila is just so "twenties"! Older is wiser, and the wisest is the one who understands that binging is not as thrilling (not for your body at least). It is best to start cutting down on your alcohol intake in the late twenties. The same applies to smoking too. Learn the art of "not" getting into unnecessary fights As you grow older, you realize that most issues can either be solved through a civilized talk session or are not worth the attention. Throwing punches in a bar only makes you look stupid. Commitment is not a monster! Many men in their 20s dread committing to a relationship, mostly because "there is so much more to experience" in life. By 30, one has already ex ...

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