Tourism gets new direction from New Delhi Declaration: Government on G20 Summit

    Nidhi Khurana
    September11/ 2023
    Last Updated:

    New Delhi: The "unanimous endorsement" of the central role of tourism and culture in achieving sustainable socio-economic growth and prosperity was hailed as a "significant milestone" by the Ministry of Tourism on Sunday, following the G20 Leaders' Summit held here.

    On Saturday, the conference made the declaration public and officially endorsed it.

    The ministry said in a statement that the "Goa Roadmap for Tourism as a vehicle for achieving SDGs" was highlighted in the G20 New Delhi Leaders' Declaration issued at the summit.

    The success of the summit is a reflection of India's efforts to promote international harmony and cooperation. It claimed to have been the scene of a gathering of world leaders united by a common goal for the future.

    The statement reaffirmed the spirit of international cooperation as a result of their shared commitment to solving global problems.

    The proclamation "provides a new direction for tourism sector with G20 Goa Roadmap outlining the challenges, objectives, opportunities, and recommendations for tourism sector to achieve sustainable development goals," it said.

    According to the government, the 'Goa Roadmap' is the primary outcome of India's G20 tourism track and serves as a model for environmentally friendly tourism around the world.

    It went on to say that the Goa road map, in keeping with India's G20 Presidency's theme, highlights the importance of tourism to the economy, society, and the environment.

    Green tourism, digitalization, skills, micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in tourism, and destination management are the five interconnected priorities identified and endorsed by the G20 Tourism Working Group, and the roadmap provides a comprehensive strategy for countries to align their tourism policies with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030.

    According to the statement, the Ministry of Tourism is also launching a national competition on "Tourism for Tomorrow" to identify best practises and case studies aligned with the five priorities of the G20 Goa roadmap, which have been successfully implemented by states, destinations, and industry stakeholders and can be replicated and scaled up across the country.

    On September 27th, in honour of World Tourism Day, the competition will officially begin.

    According to the statement, the Indian Ministry of Tourism plans to turn the cities hosting the G20 summit into "global MICE destinations" that can attract conferences from all over the world.

    Our dedication and determination are firm. It proclaimed, "We are poised to lead the way in fostering sustainable tourism practises that will echo across the world for years to come."—Inputs from Agencies