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    Power cut in MP almost leads to sisters marrying wrong groom in the dark

    May10/ 2022

    Bhopal: In a bizarre incident. two brides narrowly escaped getting married to the wrong men during a power outage in Aslana village of Madhya Pradesh on Thursday. Nikita, Karishma, and Komal -- the three daughters of Ramesh Bheewere -- were getting married on the same day at the same venue Nikita was to be married to Bhola while Karishma's wedding was fixed with Ganesh. The mix-up happened when Bhola and Ganesh mistakenly sat with each other's brides during a ritual on the wedding night. The confusion took place amidst darkness as both the brides wore a similar dress. However, the mistake was spotted right before the custom of seven circumambulations (saat phere), when the power supply resumed. The right couples were then matched and wedding rituals were completed. The incident has gone viral on social ...

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