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    Maoists Planning Bigger Attack: Intel Agencies Sound Alert

    Sunil Aswal
    April29/ 2022

    New Delhi: Amid the tactical firing at the security forces’ camps in Chhattisgarh since the last 10 days, the intelligence agencies have sounded an alert that the Maoists may execute a bigger attack in the state. Sources quoting the intelligence inputs said that the ultras have initiated more than 10 incidents of firing and shelling at the security forces’ camps, the latest being on the CRPF’s Milpa and Amalgunda camps in Chhattisgarh. Sources also said that the ‘Maoists may be planning to execute a bigger attack on the security forces in coming weeks’. “The Maoists are currently running the Tactical Counter Offensive Campaign (TCOC) in Chhattisgarh. They do it from March to June with a purpose to evaluate the strategy of the security forces and to inflict major damage to the security forces. “The security forces are fully alert in Chhattisgarh and neighbouring states and we are also aware of their TCOC. We will not let them go free once caught in an encounter,” a source in the security forces deployed in the Maoist area, said. According to the information received from the security forces in Chhattisgarh, the Maoist have fired intermittently at night with grenade launchers from a distance to make their presence felt in the area. “This way, they also want to give a message to the local population that they are still strong and can attack the security forces at will, this is an old mind game of these ultras,” a senior officer of the Chhattisgarh Police said. The Potakapali camp of the CRPF in Sukma (Chhattisgarh) was targeted by the Maoists last Monday. They fired at the camp but later fled when the CRPF commandos retaliated with heavy firing. The officials deployed in the operation areas said the Maoists start firing between 8 p.m ...

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