"This is Modi's era...Hum ghar mein ghus kar marte hain": PM Modi in Haryana

    PM Modi
    The Hawk
    May18/ 2024

    Sonipat (Haryana): Calling the leaders of the Congress party and INDIA bloc as "spokespersons" of Pakistan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked the Opposition saying this is "Modi's era" and "Hum ghar mein ghus kar marte hain". Targeting leaders of INDIA bloc for cautioning India to be "scared" of Pakistan, PM Modi reminded the opposition that ceasefire violations have been reduced at the border during his 10-year regime. Referring to former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah's remark that 'Pakistan has atom bombs', PM Modi at a public gathering in Haryana's Sonipat, said, "Congress has been out of power for 10 years, so it is completely frustrated. They are remembering the old days when the royal family used to run the government through remote control. All the schemes used to be in the name of one family. In the name of schemes, the country's money went into the coffers of corrupt people, scams worth lakhs and crores of rupees took place." Also Read: https://www.thehawk.in/posts/%22pakistan-is-roaming-with-begging-bowl-enemies-tremble-due-to-our-'dhaakad'-govt%22:-pm-modi [https://www.thehawk.in/posts/%22pakistan-is-roaming-with-begging-bowl-enemies-tremble-due-to-our-'dhaakad'-govt%22:-pm-modi]  He attacked the Congress party and INDIA bloc accusing them of being "spokespersons" of Pakistan and said that the Opposition wants India to be "scared" of Pakistan. "During Congress rule, firings happened on borders regularly, there was continuous news of ceasefire violations...Modi didn't do anything, it's all the power of your vote. All I did was gave full freedom to our soldiers. I said there is no need to keep a count of the bullets, and the result is in front of all of you," PM Modi said. He added, "But, Modi's deci ...

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