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    ZPM founder Lalduhoma takes oath as Mizoram Chief Minister

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    December8/ 2023
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    Lalduhoma Sworn In as Mizoram Chief Minister: Zoram People's Movement's Historic Victory and Plans for Governance Unveiled

    ZPM founder Lalduhoma takes oath as Mizoram Chief Minister

    Aizawl (Mizoram): Zoram People's Movement (ZPM) founder Lalduhoma took oath as Chief Minister of Mizoram at Rajbhavan here on Friday.
    Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati administered the oath of office and secrecy.

    Earlier, Lalduhoma met the Governor on Thursday and staked claim to form the government in the state.
    "We talked about the formation of new government. He had asked me to form government which will be done on Friday and next week we'll have the first session. We are very happy and were very honoured by the Governor. Our priority is to buy agriculture products and we have selected four items for that," he said after meeting the Governor.

    Further speaking on Myanmar refugees in Mizoram, Lalduhoma again said that they all are Indian citizens and there is no difference.
    "Yesterday, I talked to the Home Minister, I will go to Delhi and meet him and discuss the issue. They are all Indian citizens. There is no difference. Home Minister has assured of full cooperation," he said.
    Earlier, Lalduhoma also said that he would announce his government's priorities in a press conference after he is sworn in as Chief Minister.
    "This is the blessing of God & the blessing of the people for which I am very happy and thankful. We had been expecting (such a big win) right from the previous year. We know the mood of the people. We know that they are in our favour...There is no contender at all...They had already selected me last year. It was already announced to the people that if ZPM returns to power Lalduhoma is going to be the CM. That is known by the people right from the previous year. There are many issues, as a government we have 45 departments looking after various things...After the swearing-in ceremony is over, I am going to have a press meeting for the first time as the CM. I am going to announce our top priorities" he said.

    ZPM registered a landslide victory by winning 27 out of 40 assembly constituencies in Mizoram, of which results were declared on December 4.
    The ZPM, which was formed six years ago through a merger of six smaller outfits, swept the assembly polls, ending the decades-old trend of power alternating between the MNF and the Congress in the Northeast state.
    From being in charge of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's security detail to leading the ZPM to a historic win, Lalduhoma's journey has been all about battling against the odds.
    His journey as an IPS officer started in 1977. Interestingly, he served as a squad leader in Goa, tasked with cracking down on delinquent hippies and smugglers. His achievements were recognised by the national media. Lalduhoma quit his job to join the Congress and was elected from Mizoram's lone Lok Sabha seat in 1984.

    Following his service, Lalduhoma founded the ZPM, a party which, in time, found a firm foothold in Mizoram and grew to become a key player in the state's political landscape.