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    YS Sharmila Reddy Named Congress Party Chief in Andhra Pradesh

    The Hawk
    January16/ 2024
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    In a strategic move, Congress appoints YS Sharmila Reddy as the new president of Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee, succeeding G Rudra Raju. YS Sharmila, sister of CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, brings momentum with her recent entry into Congress and the merger of her party, YSR Telangana Party. This leadership transition comes amidst high hopes for the party's success in the upcoming Andhra Pradesh assembly polls.

    YS Sharmila Reddy

    New Delhi: In a significant move, the Congress party has appointed YS Sharmila Reddy as the new president of the Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee, making her the key leader for the upcoming elections in the state. YS Sharmila, the sister of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, took on this pivotal role following the resignation of G Rudra Raju from the position.

    The decision, effective immediately, was officially communicated by the Congress party in a statement. YS Sharmila's entry into Congress occurred earlier this month, accompanied by the merger of her party, YSR Telangana Party, into the Congress fold.

    The party's release stated, "Congress President has appointed YS Sharmila Reddy as president of Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee with immediate effect." In response to this change, G Rudra Raju has been assigned the role of a special invitee to the Congress Working Committee.

    Amid high expectations among Congress leaders in Andhra Pradesh, YS Sharmila's appointment is seen as a strategic move to enhance the party's chances in the forthcoming assembly polls. The Congress party's recent success in the Telangana assembly polls in November of the previous year, where it ousted the Bharat Rashtra Samithi from power, has fueled optimism within the party ranks.

    With assembly polls in Andhra Pradesh scheduled to coincide with the Lok Sabha elections, expected to take place in April-May this year, the political landscape in the state is poised for significant developments. Upon joining the Congress, YS Sharmila held discussions with party chief Mallikarjun Kharge, signaling her commitment to the party's agenda and objectives.

    —Input from Agencies