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    Young Indians (Yi) Dehradun Cricket Match: Empowering Youth With Cricketing Experience

    Inam Ansari
    May13/ 2024
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    Young Indians (Yi) Dehradun Cricket Match

    Dehradun (The Hawk): Young Indians (Yi) Dehradun Cricket Match concluded successfully on 11 May 2024 at Abhimanyu Cricket stadium for its members. One of Yi’s key endeavors is to promote a culture of sportsmanship and physical well-being among the youth of Uttarakhand. The Yi Sports Vertical organizes several sports events throughout the year, with the Yi Dehradun Cricket Match being a highlight on our calendar. This annual event not only celebrated the spirit of cricket but also serves as a platform for fostering camaraderie and healthy competition among participants.
    Mr Amit Sinha, Special Principal Secretary (Sports), Government of Uttarakhand, while inaugurating the match as Chief Guest emphasized on the significance of sports activities in fostering sportsmanship, healthy competition, social engagement and team building among youth.
    The match was played among Yi members, with teams named Lords and Titans (both men and women) under the captaincy of Mr Sidhanth Arora, Ms Saadhika Munjal for team Lords, and Mr Ankit Lamba and Ms Gurneet Kaur for Team Titans. The Lords' men's team emerged victorious by 65 runs, with Mr Sidhanth Arora being awarded Man of the Match, Highest Runs Scorer, and Maximum Wickets. Mr Rohan Dhand was named the Most Valuable Player, Mr Sameer Gupta received the Best Batsman award, and Mr Jagmeet Singh was honored as the Best Bowler. The Lords' women's team also clinched victory by 10 wickets, with Ms Chitra Palyal and Ms Aditi Gupta being awarded Woman of the Match and Most Valuable Player, respectively.
    Mr Jamanbir Singh Sawhney, Chair Yi Dehradun, congratulated the organizing team, highlighting the importance of sports in building a successful culture. He stated, "Yi Dehradun's initiatives aim at youth leadership, thought leadership, and nation-building, and the cricket match was a celebration of these achievements." Mr Ankit Lamba, Co-Chair Yi Dehradun, emphasized the unity fostered by cricket, stating, "Yi Dehradun organized a T20 match in a test match format, showcasing the camaraderie among members working towards building a better Bharat."
    Mr Sidhanth Arora, Chair, Sports Vertical, expressed his enthusiasm for future events, stating, "Seeing the unity and love for the game among members and attendees fuels my passion for organizing more such events."
    The event witnessed great female participation, enthusiasm, and team spirit, reflecting Yi Dehradun's commitment to promoting gender equality in sports.
    The event was a huge success with collective efforts of all Yi Dehradun Chapter and witnessed participation from over 200 youth including Yi members and select non-members. Yi Dehradun will now be organizing the Cricket match annually to bring the vision of a sporting nation alive.