Woman Arrested for Blackmailing 14 Men with False Rape Claims in Jaipur

    The Hawk
    May20/ 2024
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    Since 2016, Bhawna Sharma had targeted mainly lawyers, extorting money by lodging false FIRs in Jaipur, Gurugram, and Madhya Pradesh.

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    Jaipur: On Sunday, the Sadar police arrested a woman for allegedly blackmailing 14 men by threatening to file false rape cases against them.

    Since 2016, the woman had lodged several rape cases, most of which were dismissed, and in one instance, the accused was acquitted. She primarily targeted lawyers in Jaipur, filing nearly 14 FIRs in Jaipur, Gurugram, and Madhya Pradesh, none of which held up in court.

    The case came to light when Nitin Meena, a Jaipur Sessions Court lawyer, filed a blackmail complaint on May 8. He stated that the woman, Bhawna Sharma, approached him in January for legal work, took his phone number, and began chatting with him regularly. She later asked for Rs 7,000, which he gave her. When Nitin learned about her history of filing false cases, he distanced himself, prompting Sharma to threaten him with a false rape case unless he paid her regularly. She extorted Rs 5,000 from him weekly and eventually filed a rape case against him.

    Deputy Commissioner of Police (West), Amit Budania, said, "The lawyer, frustrated by the continuous blackmail, filed a complaint. We discovered the woman had filed 12 FIRs against different men since 2016. Further investigation is ongoing, and she will be interrogated soon."