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    Victory: Manoj Jarange Patil Ends Fast as Maharashtra Government Concedes All Demands

    The Hawk
    January27/ 2024
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    Maratha activist Manoj Jarange Patil triumphs as Maharashtra government accedes to demands, breaking his fast in a historic moment. Unity prevails as OBC and Marathas join hands, thwarting attempts to sow discord.

    Manoj Jarange Patil

    Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra): In an end to his four month long struggle Manoj Jarange Patil, an activist fighting for Maratha reservation rights successfully concluded his fast on Saturday amidst a passionate gathering of supporters. The significant milestone was reached in the presence of Eknath Shinde, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra who announced the governments acceptance of all the demands put forth by Patil.

    To mark this moment CM Eknath Shinde and Jarange Patil jointly adorned the statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj with garlands in Navi Mumbai. Speaking to the crowd Patil emphasized the purpose behind their prolonged fight for Maratha reservation and highlighted achievements such as the issuance of 54 lakh Kunbi certificates. He also acknowledged the loss of over 300 lives during this arduous struggle spanning several months.

    Expressing pride in his communitys support for his cause Patil acknowledged the physical toll it had taken on him while appreciating the dedication shown by his fellow Marathas. Despite restrictions on entering Mumbai he questioned their justification and hinted at a possible conspiracy aimed at creating division between OBC and Maratha communities.

    Rejecting any attempts to sow discord between these communities Patil directed a remark towards Chaggan Bhujbal and urged him not to foster hatred between OBC and Marathas. Emphasizing unity he asserted that there is love, between OBC and Marathas.
    "We stand together."

    Expressing satisfaction with the governments acceptance of our demands through an ordinance Patil firmly warned that if any issues arise he will be the person present at Azad Maidan.

    Under the leadership of Jarange Patil the Maratha community has been advocating for job reservations under the OBC category. The recent protest in Vashi, Navi Mumbai outlined demands including Kunbi certificates for all Marathas free education from kindergarten to postgraduate level and reservation of government job seats for Marathas. All these demands have been addressed in the issued ordinance, by the Maharashtra government.

    —Input from Agencies