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    UP man kills stepdaughter to frame contractor

    The Hawk
    October10/ 2022

    Meerut (The Hawk): A shocking incident occurred where a labourer murdered his stepdaughter, a minor with mental disabilities, and then falsely accused a contractor of the crime.

    As well as his assistant, Devendra Kumar has been taken into custody.

    According to police, Devendra took his step-daughter to a farm and shot her on Saturday night.

    He told the police that the girl had been murdered by the contractor, a man named Kalu, and two other people who remained anonymous.

    The police brought the young girl who was seriously hurt to a hospital, but she later died from her wounds.

    After receiving Devendra's complaint, police opened an investigation and charged three people, including Kalu and two others who remain unnamed.

    According to the investigation, circle officer Amit Rai said, Devendra's neighbour Rajendra Kumar wanted to frame Kalu so he could take over the farm. Devendra had previously confided in Rajendra his desire to rid himself of the mentally ill girl.

    The CO added that Rajendra conspired with Devendra to frame local contractor Kalu, promising the latter Rs 10 lakh if he did so. Both suspects have been captured and taken into custody at this time.

    (Inputs from Agencies)