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    They All From Me

    Soumitra Bose
    March14/ 2024
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    "They All From Me": Guessing, "Me" Who? Can't guess, damn sure. How come? 'cause she's always 'Adreeshya', 'Behind-The-Scene', 'Inherently Back Bencher, 'Omniscient', 'Lumpen', 'Non-Ludicrous', 'Not-at-all Humbug' but 'immaculate', 'impeccable', 'impeachable' in any way as she is a perfect "issue-clincher in her own terms even though her entity remais elusive as her name is never mentioned in any way in all her behind-the-scene 100% successful machinations worth the 'salt' that is 100% worth", analyse all-knowing astute analysts. She thus is abs right when she abs assertively proclaims, they all from me, they all C/o me, they all not taporee, beora or riff-raff, itsy-bitsy; they all are mighty empowered {?!?} by me to "over throw all at the most tailor made situations and that is why, their plan-executions are 100% perfect. Gotcha?

    —Soumitra Bose