There should never be Burdens in a Relationship

    May7/ 2023
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    The real foundation of human life is the relationships that man earns throughout his life. Some relationships are blood, some family and some social. Every relationship has its own definition, its own need, its own identity and its own importance. Some relationships are decided by God and some relationships we choose for ourselves. These relationships are the beacons of light that make our life easier. Alone even a tree seems helpless, then how can a person spend this life like mountains alone is When a person gets the support of his own, even this life full of thorns looks like a bed of flowers. Every happiness increases by sharing and every sorrow decreases by sharing. In our society, there are many relationships like mother-daughter, father-son, husband-wife, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law and mother-in-law. If we talk about the present era, today the definition of these relationships is changing. The love, maturity, sweetness that used to exist in these relationships is gradually disappearing. Today, that love, immaturity has been replaced by hatred, deceit, suspicion, antagonism. 

    Today we are connected to the whole world through the internet but we are far away from our family and neighborhood. Today, every relationship is limited to advantages and disadvantages. The equation of joint families has changed now. Earlier families were joint. In the family, grandparents, uncles, aunts, aunts, uncles, parents, siblings etc. were seen in many relationships. All lived under the same roof with love. Their joys and sorrows used to be shared, but today the bond of joint families is breaking. Children of today's age They have been deprived of the love of grandparents, uncles, aunts, uncles and aunts. Today every relationship is fulfilled only with the word uncle-aunty. Just as the names of the relationships have changed, the love in these relationships has also flown somewhere. The current generation is moving away from moral values, the main reason for which is the breakup of joint families. Today, children do not get to see the respect of elders at home, nor the same love as before. This machine age has made man a machine too There is no room for emotions in S. It is often said that sons become sons, but parents never become mothers, but now when we see the murder of daughter by parents, the murder of son by father, the murder of father by son for the sake of property, the murder of brother by brother for the sake of land and money, etc. If we read the news, then these proverbs also seem to be false. It is true that today we are leading in the race for money, but we are losing relationships. Young sons are the right and left arms of the father, whose youth the father sees.You don't feel your old age but what a bad thing that today the same arms have reached the neck. 

    The closeness of relationships that was seen earlier is now gone. The love and respect that children used to have for their grandmothers, aunts, and uncles is now disappearing. If we look at our elders, we know how much affection and love they have for their relatives. There is a need to value every relationship, to fulfill every relationship, but if we talk about the young generation, fulfilling relationships is different.They don't even know what the person in front of them thinks in the relationship? The biggest impact of the decline in relationships is on our elderly generation due to which our elders have to spend their old age in old age homes. Our elders who saved us from sun and storms, I don't know how many times they fed us full of food while being hungry, who taught us to walk holding our fingers, always supported us when we fell, today we are at this stage of age when They need support if it happens, then our parents, our elders become a burden for us, thanks to whom we saw the world, because of whom we are today, who sacrificed millions of their lives for our happiness. 

    After all, how can the same parents be a burden to us? If we cannot respect our parents then how can we expect respect from the coming generation. After all, we will reap what we sow. Now, if we talk about the relationship between husband and wife, there was a time when it was considered as a partnership of seven births, but now it has become difficult to live with one birth. The sooner marriages are formed, the sooner they break up. The stress of maintaining relationships is now over. Soul ties are broken in moments. Due to the scourge of the materialistic age, the relationship between brothers and sisters has also been affected. The bond, mutual love in this relationship seems to be ending now. He has become an enemy of the brothers. Nanan-brother-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, daughter-in-law, daughter-in-law etc. relationships in which both love and conflict were seen, today the definition of these relationships has changed. 

    Today We marry less brides and more brides. In the house, the marriage of the boy takes place later and the division takes place first. Earlier, this division was between brothers, but nowadays, if someone has a son, he also lives separately from his parents. Thus our elders are shedding tears of blood due to this decline in relationships. One of the major reasons for these distances in relationships is that our endurance has ended. Today money has become everything for us. Relationships are becoming blurred in the glare of money but Sama We have to change our thinking as soon as we live. Our real wealth is the loving relationships that we earn throughout our lives and it is our primary duty to preserve this wealth. Love in relationships, affection, sweetness, immaturity is its true definition and it is the duty of humanity to maintain it. May God have mercy and let the broken knot of relations be rejoined.

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