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    Tejashwi Yadav Stripped of Bihar Deputy CM Title, Residence Nameplate Concealed with Newspaper

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    January29/ 2024
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    In a significant political twist, RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav loses the Bihar Deputy CM title, visible as Nitish Kumar aligns with the NDA. The official nameplate at Tejashwi's Patna residence, once proudly displaying his designation, is now concealed under newspapers.

    The area in the nameplate

    Patna: After Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar recently recent alignment with the NDA there was a move to cover the nameplate outside RJD leader Tejashwi Yadavs residence in Patna. The nameplate previously displayed his designation as "Bihar Deputy CM."

    This covering of the nameplate coincided with Nitish Kumars swearing in ceremony as Bihar Chief Minister signifying his departure from the Mahagathbandhan alliance. Kumar commenced his term as Chief Minister at Raj Bhavan on Sunday taking the oath alongside Deputy Chief Ministers Samrat Chaudhary and Vijay Kumar Sinha.

    In a twist of events Nitish Kumar decided to part ways with the Mahagathbandhan and opposition bloc INDIA to form a government in collaboration with the BJP. On Sunday he along with eight ministers from the BJP JD U, HAM and an independent candidate took their oaths of office.

    Responding to this upheaval Tejashwi Yadav criticized Nitish Kumar by referring to him as a " Chief Minister." Yadav confidently predicted that JD(U) would cease to exist as a party by 2024 due, to its downfall.
    In the Bihar Assembly, which comprises 243 members the RJD holds 79 seats followed closely by the BJP with 78 seats. The JD(U) has 45 seats while the Congress has secured 19 seats. Additionally the CPI (M L) holds 12 seats and both the CPI(M). Cpi have two seats each. Furthermore there are four seats held by Hindustani Awam Morcha (Secular) one seat, by AIMIM and one Independent legislator.

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    In 2022 Nitish Kumar distanced himself from the BJP initially. Later led efforts to unite opposition forces against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his ruling party during the election. This shift marked a departure from his alliance with the BJP that lasted for a remarkable period of 17 years until he broke ranks in 2013 due to differences over Narendra Modis selection as their prime ministerial candidate.

    After forming an alliance with RJD and Congress in 2015 Nitish Kumar withdrew from this coalition in 2017 citing allegations of corruption against RJD. Again in 2022 he severed ties with BJP alleging conspiracy, against him and attempts to influence JD U MLAs to rebel.

    —Input from Agencies