Teen stabs boy 55 times over biryani, slits throat and dances: Horror in Delhi unfolds on CCTV

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    November23/ 2023
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    Chilling CCTV footage reveals a gruesome murder as an intoxicated 16-year-old stabs and dances during the horrifying crime in East Delhi's Welcome colony, leaving the nation in shock.

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    New Delhi: An apparently inebriated 16-year-old stabbed another teen more than 55 times, slit his throat, dragged the body through the street and did a jig while he carried out the grisly crime in east Delhi’s Welcome colony earlier this week, police said on Thursday.

    Some of the horrifying details of the killing in Janta Mazdoor Colony on Tuesday were captured on CCTV, the 2.23 minute footage also showing the accused threatening those around him.

    The accused, who was taken into police custody on Wednesday morning and has confessed, did not know the 17-year-old who he had approached for money to buy biryani, officials said.

    "We have already recovered the weapon used for murder. We are investigating from where he procured the knife," Deputy Commissioner of Police (northeast) Joy Tirkey said.

    The crime took place around 11.15 pm on Tuesday. The victim was rushed to hospital but died on the way.

    The CCTV footage shows the accused teen dragging a person through a narrow bylane and going on a stabbing spree.

    "He did not stop there. He was seen dancing while doing the gruesome act. A person tried to open a door to see what was happening, but the accused threatened him by brandishing a knife," an official investigating the crime said.

    It all started when the victim refused to buy biryani for the accused, apparently sending him into a wild rage. There was a verbal spat, which soon turned into a scuffle.

    "The accused overpowered the victim who was 17 years old and a resident of Jafrabad. He first choked him till he was unconscious and took out a mini knife out of his pocket and stabbed him multiple times. He then dragged him to a bylane where he continued to stab him on his face, neck, back, beneath eyes more than 55 times,” the official said.

    Detailing the crime, he added that the accused was seen shouting at people to stay away.

    “The accused was under the influence of alcohol at the time of incident," said the investigator.

    It did not end there.

    "We were also taken aback... the accused after the entire act holds the lifeless body by the hair and drags him back to the same narrow area. He robbed Rs 350 from the victim and fled. We have already apprehended the accused, who had confessed and weapon of murder has been recovered," an investigator said.

    "The CCTV footage helped us for the identification of the accused who was arrested immediately by police team," said the DCP Tirkey.