Six of family killed over land dispute in Sitapur, UP

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    May16/ 2024
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    Initially believed to be a case of suicide-murder, the police investigation revealed that Anurag's brother Ajit was responsible for the heinous act.

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    Lucknow: "On the intervening night of 10th and 11th, a very serious crime took place in Rampur Mathura Police Station area of Sitapur district in which six family members were murdered," said IG Range Lucknow, Tarun Gaba.
    However, after the police investigation, it was revealed that the witness was misleading them.
    As per the witness, one of the deceased's brothers, Anurag killed five people of the family and later committed suicide.
    "One of the deceased's brothers said that Anurag after killing 5 people of the family died by suicide. After investigation, it was found that the deceased's brother had been misleading us. The truth was there had been no suicide and Anurag had also been murdered...It was later revealed that Anurag's brother Ajit had committed this crime," said IG Range Lucknow.
    Tarun Gaba further said that accused Ajit felt that he was being ill-treated by his brother Anurag and his wife.
    "There was a dispute of money and land. There was a loan of 24 lakhs which had to be repaid by the accused and the victims were not helping him. Getting agitated he carried out this crime. Technical analysis has been done. The role of Ajit is clear," he added.