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    Shoppers throng Delhi markets ahead of Holi, tourists exude celebratory vibes

    The Hawk
    March24/ 2024
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    As Holi approaches, markets buzz with activity, offering a vibrant array of colours, water guns, and trendy accessories. With political leader-inspired masks trending, the festive spirit intertwines with political enthusiasm, drawing large crowds, including tourists eager to partake in the celebrations, especially in locales like Pushkar, Rajasthan.

    Sadar market of Delhi

    New Delhi: People thronged markets in the national capital on Sunday, ahead of Holi, making last-minute purchases of colours or gulals, trendy water guns, and colourful wigs.
    Sadar Bazar in the national capital wore a festive look as shops recorded huge footfalls of people buying different kinds of items for the celebration of the festival of colours.

    Masks inspired by leaders across the political spectrum, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, CM Yogi Adtiyanath, and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, among others, were trending in markets, bringing a distinct political flavour to the Holi celebrations ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.
    A shopkeeper in one of the crowded markets in the national capital said the demand for masks and water guns with photos of political leaders was higher as compared to the other items on sale.

    "Water guns with images of PM Modi are in great demand. People are paying well for these water guns. However, the overall sales this year are slightly lower than last year. However, the markets are buzzing," he said.
    Another dealer of Holi items said the demand for colours and gulal was higher than last year.

    Speaking to ANI, Md. Rashid, a shopkeeper in the Sadar market, said, "The water guns with images of PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi, and CM Yogi are in demand as the elections are not too far away now. This year, we sold more items as compared to last year."

    Another shopkeeper, Saleem Ahmed, who sells colourful wigs, also talked up the sales this year.
    "Everyone wants to wear a festive look on Holi. These colourful wigs are selling big this year. The overall sales this year, ahead of Holi, is better than the previous year. The pleasant weather is also one of the reasons why pre-Holi shoppers are turning out in such big numbers," he said.

    People across the country flocked to nearby markets to purchase sweets and colours. The streets were dotted with make-shift shops selling gulal, colours, toys, and other decor.
    Not just enthusiastic countrymen but overseas tourists as well could be seen breaking into unbridled celebrations ahead of Holi.
    Tourists were seen flocking to Pushkar in Rajasthan to not just bask in the local celebratory flavour around 'Pushkar ki Holi' but also mingle with locals.
    One of the tourists visiting Pushkar expressed his delight saying he was'very excited' to be in India to cerebrate Holi.

    "I feel very happy to be here. This is one of the holiest sites in the world. I am getting good energy and celebratory vibes from the locals. It just feels very nice. I am excited to experience the ambience around the festival here," he told ANI.
    Holi, a festival celebrated with as much fervour in the country as it is overseas, will be marked on March 25, Monday, this year.
    The festival is preceded by a ritual of lighting bonfires called Holika Dahan, signifying the burning of the demon Holika.
    Some of the country's oldest and most popular pilgrimage sites, such as Vrindavan, Mathura, and Barsana, draw revellers on this day, smearing themselves with the colours of Holi.