Shocking: Bengaluru Woman Finds Over 13,000 Nude Images, Including Her Own, on Partner's Phone

    The Hawk
    November29/ 2023
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    Disturbing Revelation in Tech City: BPO Employee Stumbles Upon Thousands of Private Photos, Including Her Own, Sparking Legal Action and Workplace Turmoil

    Woman Finds Over 13000 Nude Images

    Bengaluru: In a disturbing revelation that has rocked the tech city of Bengaluru, a young woman employed in a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm made a shocking finds on her boyfriend's phone. Her findings have since sparked widespread concern and a flurry of legal activity.

    The 22-year-old woman, known as Tanvi (name altered for privacy), stumbled upon an alarming collection of photographs while browsing through the gallery of her romantic partner’s phone. To her horror, she found over 13,000 nude images. Among these were personal photos of herself and several of her colleagues, raising grave concerns about consent and privacy.

    Following this unsettling discovery, Tanvi took immediate action. Severing ties with her boyfriend, she reported the incident to her office superiors on November 20. Her aim was clear – to safeguard her colleagues from potential harm and to ensure that such a breach of privacy does not recur.

    The situation escalated when Archana (name changed), the head of the legal department at the BPO, lodged a formal complaint with the local cyber crime police. The complaint, filed on November 23, accused Adithya Santosh, a 25-year-old colleague and Tanvi's former partner, of being the owner of the contentious phone. The backstory of their four-month relationship added complexity to the case, especially as it was revealed that some of the intimate images were recorded consensually between Tanvi and Santosh. Tanvi's intention to delete these personal images led to the unearthing of the larger collection.

    This incident has not only raised alarms about digital privacy and ethics but also highlighted the need for more robust policies and awareness regarding personal data protection, especially in workplace environments.