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    Schools In UP To Celebrate International Yoga Day

    Inam Ansari
    June15/ 2023
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    Schools Celebrate Yoga Day

    Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Government is all set to celebrate the 9th yoga-day">International Yoga Day on a grand note. As per the government's directive, schools across the state will reopen during the summer vacation on June 21 for one day, wherein students of primary and secondaschools in the state will participate in various yoga activities, an official release from the government said on Wednesday.
    Besides practising Yoga, children will also be provided with sweets, fruits, and clean drinking water on the occasion. Moreover, various educational competitions will be organized for children on this day and the top 3 winners of the competitions will also be rewarded, said the officials.
    Notably, detailed instructions regarding the organization of the 9th yoga-day">International Yoga Day have been given to all district Basic education officers by the Mid-Day Meal Authority and the Director of Education (Basic).
    In this sequence, it has been decided to celebrate Yoga Week in Uttar Pradesh between June 15 and June 21 this year. However, schools will be open for cleaning purposes a day before the yoga day (June 20).
    According to the order issued by Director Vijay Kiran Anand of the Mid-Day Meal Authority, on the occasion of yoga-day">International Yoga Day, sweets, rice pudding, halwa, fruits, and clean drinking water should be distributed to students present in all schools. The order also states, "Compliance with the directives issued by the Director of Education (Basic) regarding Yoga Day is mandatory."
    As per the directives given by the Director of Education (Basic), all primary and upper primary schools in the state have to participate in yoga activities. The directive also says that on June 20, all principals, teachers and children of all primary and upper primary schools in all districts should be informed about the benefits of pranayama, asanas, breathing exercises, and yoga, and participation everyone should be ensured. The principal of the school will work as a nodal officer for the successful organization of the activities. On June 21, all principals, teachers, non-teaching staff, and children of primary and upper primary schools will be instructed to practice pranayama, Suryanamaskar, and breathing exercises. Thereafter, yoga activities like asanas, pranayama and meditation will be organized among the children at the school level.
    The events will also feature posters, essays and quiz competitions on the subject of yoga for students from classes 6 to 8. Prizes will be given to the first, second and third-place winners in the activities organized at the school level. —ANI